New: 2016 AUDI R8 (see photos)

2016 Audi R8 car that is
reliable, comfortable and sturdy, reinforced by a V8 or V10 engine speed soundtrack, Audi jumped to the top of the list and suggest that the Stuttgart manufacturer will not have a coat all to itself in the future.
One thing that actually always hit me every time I’ve driven the Audi R8 on the track in Australia just how amazingly simple it is to drive a car fast. It is believed to comfort me in my sighting lap because I get a direct look at the turn-points of blind and big elevation changes Portuguese circuit is difficult.
2016 Audi R8 in trials in Australia– on a rainy street and around the city. We never test the R8 is not like this: flat on lightening fast, swelling of the World Superbike race course. Audi engineers want us to sample new laser lights of the car.
What becomes increasingly clear is that modern design and technology has guaranteed the speed to burn and performance should not come at the expense of everyday driveability, but the appeal R8 at various levels although other manufacturers started to catch as Porsche and Audi. It is a sports car for a critical driver.
Let’s see if the latest model to live up to the legend of Audi first presented back in 2006.Before we come to the arena, we get a sample of 2016 all-new Audi R8 in the streets around Faro and up into the hills on the border of the village. I strap myself into a piercing blue V10 Plus– directly to the most-robust design, obviously– select ‘Comfort’ mode for the suspension and the press wheel-mounted exhaust guiding the release of records. There is an instant change in pitch and volume, and I understand, even at idle, that I will enjoy the soundtrack … even if the locals do not.

No matter which push mode you choose, this shift so quickly, there is no visible loss of energy in the future. There are less than the barbarity you feel at Huracan in the restrictions, just incredible fast forward progress.

although the hot air but inside the cabin 2016 Audi R8 remains comfortable and cool. The road is also incredible exposure and exercises like reverse parking, the R8 is not tougher than those in the A3.
There was some criticism authentic you can fix the outbound 2016 Audi R8, but among them is the truth that the interior is a bit of information did not feel quite unique enough to match the design and speed of the car. Audi has paid attention to the r8 and that comment now have a bespoke feel in the cabin.Guiding wheels, for example, for fluid handling race car cool without dripping effective, hard and fiddly to decipher switchgear. Shift paddles and good environmental control very advanced and practical. Virtual cockpit fitment for R8 has– like it with the new third generation TT– produce cleaner center console design, something that may not really value until you see a vehicle in the flesh. I’m a traditionalist at heart, but virtual gauges so perfectly developed, I can not suggest a case against them.

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