Radio #Biafra joins another Satellite Company with a wider coverage

 Coverage reaching Europe and South Africa.
Having been yanked off from
the Satlink at the insistence of Nigerian government, Radio Biafra has joined another satellite broadcasting company. Radio Biafra are now broadcasting on satellite through the INTELSAT 20/K 68.5 deg east, Frequency bean 12521v27501 Frequency 50573
According to Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra, Nigeria paid millions to buy off Satlink through an American company called RSS. The new owners, already in the payroll of Nigeria therefore delisted Radio Biafra from their service.
However, the indomitable Radio Biafra found another satellite company willing to broadcast their messages.
The new satellite has a wider coverage, which reaches South Africa and Western Europe. It is same satellite that houses Emmanuel TV, Hope TV, Btv, KICC TV, MFM TV. According to Carol Munday, one of the key officials of Radio Biafra " "If you can get Emmanuel Tv you can get Radio Biafra. All things happen for a reason. If you are already on this sat or if you are already receiving the above channels all you have to do is to press, 'TV/Radio' button, on your remote and scroll down to see Radio Biafra. Remember to re-scan your decoder."
This has amply demonstrated the resilience and resolve of the Indigenous People of Biafra to liberate themselves from the oppression of Nigeria.
source biafransatellite

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