The new Sankira Mobile News App

Sankira is a news mobile phone app developed by Yusuf Bello,
founder of Abuja-based YB Code Lab ( The name “Sankira” is the Hausa name for Town Crier. The app is unique from other similar apps as it presents daily news in Audio. The app reads out News headlines from Nigeria’s most authoritative sources including Guardian, Channels TV, Leadership, Sun, Tribune, etc.
Literally you are provided with the entire daily news outlook of the nation without you having to open a webpage or even “lift a finger”
It makes an intensive use of the android speech engine. It also has a number of controls to put you in charge including the ability to increase or decrease the speed of the audio. You also get breaking news notifications. If you prefer the good old do-it-yourself style where you have to click, click and click instead of just listening, then the option is available for you. The app is not just about headlines, you can ‘dive’ into the details of any headline that is of interest to you by hitting the right button while the headline is being read out.
It is currently available free, Android app on Google Play Store. Windows and iOS versions are currently under development. You can download by searching “SANKIRA” on the store or following the link:
Yusuf Bello is keen about developing niche Nigeria-centric apps and is obviously set to takeover the Nigerian apps market. 
Three other Nigeria-centric apps in varying categories including games, productivity and entertainment are currently under development by the ybCodelab team and are due to be in the market soon.

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