Recall that bail was granted to Nnamdi Kanu by the DSS even when official statement had not been made concerning the reason for his arrest from Buhari who ordered the Arrest or DSS who implemented it.
Many questions were raised as regards to the arrest, making international and local civil rights group question if he was arrested or kidnapped by DSS. All of a sudden Nnamdi kanu was said to be arraigned before a magistrate court in abuja without his own defense nor the magistrate that granted the laughable bail named in print. It is an obvious embarrassment to a country in 21st century to handle an international figure the way Nigeria is doing notwithstanding the eyes of the world is on them.
Intersociety organization had asked a number of question as to the crimes Nnamdi Kanu was charged with and the questionable processes that led to his continual detention or conditional bail. Recall that President Muhammad Buhari ousted a democratically elected President in the past and used a Decree 2 of 1984 in languishing people in prison without measures. He however has manifested his dictatorial attributes since he came into power by killing and bombing Biafrans instead of the all-out warfare expected against Boko haram. He has approached the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu like a dictator and tyrant he is and thereby contradicting everything democracy stands for. He hanky-panky-ly arraigned an innocent man and applied decree 2 of 1984 by demanding ten million surelty of a civil servant of level sixteen with landed property in Abuja which is impossible to get as no salaryies of a civil servant can reach the conditions. This process had further put Nigeria existence with Biafra in doubt as Nnamdi kanu is evidence of all he said that Nigeria does to Biafrans. If an international figure like Nnamdi kanu can go through this injustice then the world have no choice but to recognize Biafra as a sovereign state.
The recognition of Biafra will only save lives and end lawlessness and killings meted on indigeonous people. If Nnamdi  Kanu known to mankind can be treated with such injustices, detained and tortured what then is always the fate of all Biafrans that are not known to the world. We call on all civilized nations to rescue us by recognizing and upholding Republic of Biafra.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

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