Sometimes military blood don't seem to be workable in the civilization of today due to the lack of education of Nigerian military leaders which Obasanjo is one, such men are capable of wasting talents and hampering the visions of youths. We took sufficient time to study Obasanjo's comments over Biafra agitation and realized such man needs not exist for a better world or country, we are not actually against Obasanjo for opposing Biafra which is wise for him to do, we are simply against this primitive monkey-like over where he has relegated the youths. We must not try to hide our red-hot anger, the belief of Obasanjo that youths can't achieve or do anything is becoming intolerable and disgrace to every youth.., it’s time to stand and revolt against these men that play devilish god on the future of youths. Arewa youths and Oduduwa youths should wake up and know that the call for Biafra is a call for competitive Africa, a call for real change and a call for greatness through hardwork. Even though Obasanjo lacks education he must have traveled to civilized countries and see youths are the driving force of developed world. He should know that relegation of youths was the reason Nigeria failed and he should be thankful Biafra is here to clear his mess. Obasanjo should know grandfathers like him; Buhari and co cannot stand Biafran youths as their conservative nature will only drag them to grave. Before anger overshadow our lines let us remind Obasanjo that there is no impossibility with youths. Obasanjo is trying to keep quiet before a storm or doesn’t he want to admit the hurricane of Nnamdi kanu's lectures by labeling Biafra agitation a molehill.

It’s high time we check the consciousness of this grandfather, how could an aged grandfather call an issue that took centre stage in the world media houses a molehill? How could a baby-grandfather call an issue that had left south south and southeast boiling a molehill? It’s evident that he couldn't believe he is losing the entity where youths are relegated to kids and grandfathers relegated to youths. He accused the leader of indigenous people of Biafra of being a 419 who is just out to scavenge and dupe people among others, by all indication this accusation is a sign of frustration and out-of-option, he is trying to halt the spread of the gospel of Nnamdi Kanu that had caught the likes of OPC, kayode , Biafrans and beyond. We wonder a 419 or thief that is greater than Obasanjo who stole public funds and the payment of into his account once mtn recharge card is used. The accusation of Nnamdi kanu as a 419 is quite laughable as the world knows Nnamdi Kanu is a role model, if Nnamdi Kanu is really out to make money; thirty million U.S dollars wouldn't have been spent in vain by Nigeria to neutralize radiobiafra. If Nnamdi kanu could not be defeated it shows that heavy money is utilized and committed than taken. Obasanjo needs to be reminded that Nnamdi Kanu is resident in London, lives a luxury life before going into Biafra struggle. He is a billionaire from a royal family; Obasanjo should better be preparing for his burial than preparing against youths that need healthy competition to civilize Africa.

Obasanjo with his unguarded statements further disclosed that Biafrans were settled after the war citing ministerial positions, financial positions, absorbance of some people and vice-presidency slot that was given to Biafrans, this also confirmed the claim of Biafra times that some Biafran elders was settled and some of them had made anti-people statements like so-called Enugu igbo leaders and Itshekiri so-called leaders of thought. Obasanjo needs to be asked if selecting few people and absorbing them into corruption and embezzlement of public funds a settlement. What about clearing bombs in Biafra land? What about building infrastructures for people that were stripped of everything they had? What about good roads in the sense of social amenities and job creations? The reality is Biafrans were never settled but living on their blood and sweat. Finally before we ignore Obasanjo, we want to tell him that he would see the power of youths very soon, he would see that Nnamdi Kanu is an exotic black African man who has common sense and not Tinibu who is being wanted in Chicago for drug crime or Nigerian politicians who seek political offices for financial benefits nor is him who used power as a means of robbery and weapon against enemies. We are Biafran youths, we are coming, the power is in our hands.

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