IPOB : Why We Disowned Ohanaeze A Long Time Ago.., and Final Warning

IPOB in this press release lambasted Ohanaeze Ndigbo on their stand regarding the restoration of Biafra. The group started by noting why they do not recognize ohanaeze. Read below.
.Since Ohaneze ndi-awusa made their stomach motivated utterance regarding the restoration of the Great Biafra and our Leader Nnamdi Kanu, a lot of people have been urging our media team to respond to their folly. Well, there is a clear reason why we chose to ignore the stooges and this is because we do not recognize Ohaneze and Biafra matters is not about Igbo. But our people insist we let these foreigners know they do not speak for us.

Ohaneze ndi-awusa claims to represent the Igbos, one of the clans of Biafra. If I may ask, does any Igbo person anywhere in this world know the names of the leaderships of Ohaneze? As you scratch your head for answers, how many million Igbos (not even Biafrans) do you think follow and adhere to Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership? 10 million? 20 million? You be the judge. Now why has Ohaneze “disowned" Nnamdi Kanu, the most influential human the Igbo have ever produced? The answers are clear. 
Ohaneze ndi-oshi (thieves), are Hausa/Fulani stooges and Yoruba buttocks lickers. Maggots, that’s what I call them. From one vomit to another faeces that’s how they crawl around disgracefully and disgustingly looking for waste products from their masters to consume somehow fantasizing the day they turn to butterflies to be loved by the same people they sold out. Since Hausa/Fulani does not support the restoration of Biafra, it makes sense that the maggots they feed won’t support it either. 
Further, I have never heard of Ohaneze speaking about Igbo affairs outside election periods when the cost of rhetoric is high. Any condemnation or false praise during this period equates to bags full of crumbs (money). So one might wonder why now? Its simple, Biafra means no more elections in Nigeria, so no more crumbs for Ohanaeze. 
Again, there is no proof that Ohaneze are truly Igbos. They have never for once supported Igbos when there's a condemnation or any form of degradation from other groups in Nigeria. It is either Ohaneze are prostrating for the Oba of Lagos as he mocks Igbos or they are nodding and shaking at the front of the Northern leaderships as they cast-away Igbos. Igbos never bow to anyone except God so who are these men? Are these not the same men that committed the worst abomination against our land and traditions by allowing our people butchered and massacred in the North to be buried in mass in a foreign land, something that is highly abominable in Igbo cosmology? They made mockery of our ancestors and traditions by accepting bribes from the former regime to conceal the massacring of our people. How do we respect such men that have no respect for our people or tradition?
These are not honourable men. These men have no dignity. As if the insult was not enough, Arewa youths called on the stooges to condemn Biafra; two days later, agile like wild beasts, they came out to follow the warnings of their master’s children to the peak. Now, Igbo youths and other youths of Biafra have been on the streets for two weeks protesting against the continued detention of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, but we heard nothing from Ohaneze. Not once have they asked the Nigerian government to listen to their people or at least, mistakenly even, ask that their supposed son Nnamdi Kanu be released but rather they chose to listen to Arewa youths and follow their commands. 
This is why they are Ohaneze ndi-awusa. This is why they don’t speak for us. This is why we don’t know them. This is why we Biafrans aren’t surprised by their utterances. This is why we disowned them a long time ago. After all, these men do not even live in our land. They are either in Yoruba land or Hausa land like the so-called legal luminary that lives in Ebute-Meta lagos. 
But a final warning to Ohaneze, especially the ones pioneering this folly to sabotage & destroy our efforts, because we know that not all of them are that foolish. Remember your motto "Igwe bu ike". We are in our millions; you can look at footages from the protests to remind you. In 1967-70, it was the saboteurs of then that joined hands to form Ohanaeze and was sponsored by Northerners. This time around, the row on our checklist that says that all saboteurs must die must be checked. Blood is already involved in this struggle, we have lost our brothers and sisters to the hands of the murderous Nigerian government; therefore we must carry out our promise. 

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