The agitation for Biafra has to do with the need to shape our lives and prepare the place for posterity and save our race/tribe from extinction.

The agitation for Biafra has nothing whatsoever, I am speaking as an Ibo of the Ibos, to do with hunger or hatred for a particular tribe or person, but everything to do with the need to actually shape our lives and prepare the place for posterity and save our race/tribe from extinction.
The basic things that one has to understand about the philosophy of
the Ibos regarding life and living need to be understood. But first, I want all to know that in this struggle, there are no hard feelings for anybody; just that we Ibos have to pick up from our loses, our current predicaments and build a future where our children will have opportunities for quality life and progress as well as the freedom to shape or reshape their world to suit the prevailing conditions of their day – something which the present Nigerian state, people, and government have, and are showing us, we can’t have.
The struggle is important for many reasons such as:
1. Freedom to reach any height, no matter the depth of the bottom one might be coming from.
 I believe you know that in the Ibo society, every man is rewarded and recognized in accordance with the works of his hands. Merit is the watch word of the Ibo society. Now, as you can see, that is not so in Nigeria. Quota system, reckless sharing of the ‘national cake’ – a silly phrase coined by indolent people of Nigeria, federal character, etc., all rank ahead of anything good. This country paves way for nonentities to dominate and control superior quality personnel, intellectuals and skilled manpower. The account given by Chinua Achebe is enough – please read ‘There Was A Country’ and note how and when it all started, as well as the negative effects of this from the sixties till date.
2. Search for our type of world where one man is as good as the other and there are no undue privileges or subjugation of individuals aspirations.
In the Ibo society there is no king or son of a king. A man can be given the Ozo title for being a good farmer, hunter, wrestler or even palm-wine tapper. However, in this Nigeria, the name is Ibo has become another Synonym for ''the forbidden’’. There has been a well-orchestrated plot by the two other major tribes to put the Ibos out of favor and make them ''The public enemy number one'' to all the people around. Their decision is that the Ibo race should not exist but most be swallowed up. They want the Ibo race to stop being Ibo but turn into them and their stooges in order to survive. Hence, Ibos cannot become what they want to be in Nigeria or receive favors or their rights unless they do a few of these.
a) Change their names and bear names such as Friday Christopher, Gorge  Fintan, Matins Newman, Michael Johnson. Some have to take names such as Femi, Bayo; and even Yakubu, in other to get anything in Nigeria. The idea of bearing double Christian or European names is: first to hide the true identity of being Ibo, and then, if probing continues, to give the impression that ‘well I am Ibo, but not that type that you know’.It is common these days to see an Ibo man and wife shamelessly give their children names of other tribes who will never do same even if God commands them to.
b) Change their dressing and wear Yoruba and Hausa dresses - like Ken Nnamani who spent all his days as senate president looking like ''labalaba'' with babariga. See also how Rochas dresses – with a towel over his shoulder like an Hausa trailer driver. I want to ask you, have you ever seen a picture of Zik in Isi agu and okpu nwagoro. This is the only way they can become acceptable. Hence these other tribes having painted the Ibos black- stigmatized them- now force them to reject themselves and take on their tribal lives in other to live.
c) Speek the languages of the other tribes in other to be accepted. In short, in Nigeria, the Ibo man is rejected unless he rejects being Ibo.
This is a big step to extinction. Now which one is better, to die or to be extinct. I am tempted to say that a dead man has a grave but the one who is extinct has no memoirs being inexistent or nonexistent. The danger is that the Ibos risk extinction with every passing minute in Nigeria. The time to stem the tide is NOW. Any further delay is very very dangerous.  
3. Full restoration of the conditions under which we the Ibo accepted the Nigerian project in the first place.
The history of Nigeria has been lost and forgotten -no thanks to the other two major tribes. They prefer it that way, and have brainwashed their youths so that they don't even know a dime about how the country was formed. If you ask a Nigerian youth now, ‘when was the country formed’, the next thing you’ll hear is amalgamation in 1914. But is this true? Surely, yes, the county was created in 1914, but is creation same as formation? Now let me ask, how many youths know that the eastern region was given self-rule in 1957? And how many know that if the east had opted to opt out of the marriage then, there wouldn’t have been anything like this Nigeria we see today. In fact, the shape of Nigeria would have been something like that of Africa. How many know that the western Cameroon left from here? Now, if the British felt that amalgamation was the formation of the country, why did they recognize the three confederating states by giving them options to regain their separate freedoms which they (the British) knew they had taken from them by colonization? The east opted to join in the new baby that was to be born in 1960 voluntarily, but now the Nigerians say it was done by force. Common sense shows that ''amalgamation'' was a British business which they did after ''acquiring'' the north from the French to add to the two the already had “amalgamated” earlier – the East and West. Again, how many youths know that the west was given self-rule in 1958 and they followed in the foot step of the east? How many know that that the north, which now says that anyone who asks for self-actualization should be killed, rejected the Nigerian project when they were given self-rule in 1959? How many Nigerians now opposing Biafra are right to ask for my head if I decide to request to change the decision I made in 1957?
Furthermore, is it not true that by the time Nigeria, the independent  state was formed in 1960, all the three regions had equal shares in the national cake and country - i.e. each 33.33%.? Is it not true that the situation remained same until war broke out in 1967? Therefore whilst the Ibos and their brothers were leaving Nigeria in 1967, they had 33.33% and left two regions also. Now by the end of the war, what did they find themselves in, a country where one of the parties - the north, had forcefully annexed 51%, leaving the other two - east and west with 24.5% each. From the end of the war till date the North has been controlling 51% of the states, and hence appointments and resources leaving Biafra and the west with 24.5% each. Perhaps that is why the general understanding now is that the country was not formed by agreement but by conquering. That is why Nigerian youths, who are supposedly educated, see demands for self-actualization as a criminal offence worthy of hanging penalty. You can see why they (the Hausas and their neighbors) oppose every constitutional change and anything that wants to restore the balance. 

Emeka Ndukwe wrote. 

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