For quite a long time I have been on this column, trying my best to bring to the notice of the entire public the unhealthy and biased trial of Nnamdi Kanu by the presiding judge. He has continued his dirty work as he has neglected every reason brought before him. He seems adamant to please Buhari while motives are being uncovered everyday why he is biased and adamant to reason and justice.
I have asked myself severally, what will John Tosho gain if he immorally nail Kanu, this is a computer age that everybody knows the law, every child on the street have asked, what did Kanu do that he is being held by Nigerian government? Justice John Tosho is very much unaware of height of interest in Kanu’s case, he should rather not play politics of kill and be promoted. Facts are emerging why Tosho is desperate to do what Buhari ordered during his first media chat.
Justice John Tosho is blinded by his ambition to be appointed the next
chief Justice without considering what is at stake. He is determined to please Buhari by giving him exactly what he ordered during his media chat when he said Kanu will not be released. John Tosho might not mind what will follow after his immorality and injustice is meted out. That is exactly what defines a pure African mind, to always put ambition before purity or sanctity. His determination to be the next chief Justice will come at the cost of Kanu’s head.
While people are dying because of the trial of Nnamdi Kanu, I have great fear of what will happen when John might have perverted justice. There will be desperate revolution for justice and intense move by Biafrans which might swallow everyone. The most troublesome aspect of this very case is, while lawyers, masses and figures are speaking out, right groups labeling Kanu a prisoner of conscience. Justice John Tosho should have no any other option than to release Kanu against the orders of Buhari because to everyone, Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime.
There must be a room for resolution than hatred being allowed to consume common sense and Tosho’s ambition must not stir a problem that will drag us to the limit. I find it crucial to remind the trial judge that he is being followed and every of his actions and comments will surely be brought back to him for his sins to be laid bare.
If Nnamdi Kanu is seen as someone that can just be brought before the court, denied bail by flouting court orders, said that he would not be released by the executive and subsequently jailed without any crime by Tosho then there is need to reassess the sanity of the mind of men behind such move. There are millions of Nnamdi Kanu that would rather die than take injustice from the trial judge.
I hereby urge the trial judge to shun premeditated effort to jail Kanu who has shown a commendable approach to making demands. Nnamdi Kanu to have chosen radio Biafra over guns and bombs and chosen his mouth over the trigger is a feat worthy of encouragement. Boko Haram suspects are freed on daily basis by Nigerian court and judges. There should never be a case where Boko haram that kill and maim is considered worthy of bail while Kanu that has never killed or recorded any form of violence be held for being peaceful and taking advantage of freedom of speech.
I still urge the judge to drop all forms of partiality and immorality against Kanu, let there be fair hearing and justice. Buhari should not use him to trade his hatred for Biafrans but stand up like a man and engage Nnamdi Kanu in a discussion on how Biafra will be restored or why Biafra should not be restored. If Buhari is against the demands of Kanu which he has made with his mouth, then he should be able to have his own demand that would alter Kanu’s own.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers

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