THE united nation, European Union, Africa Union and international human rights organizations appeared to have invented policy of silence on all things relative to the plight of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) We mean no harm when without hesitation we conclude that this new policy invention is subtly formulated with logic of imperialism, racial discrimination, British-Phobia or Islamic Nigeria unfounded doctrine of "one Nigeria". This policy of silence may have worked or was justified especially by the British press under reportage of BIafra genocide between 1967-1970 but has never survived impartial analysis and
constructive criticism in this new dispensation of Biafra struggle.

We have heart breaking evidence that democracy, rule of law, human rights, and freedom has been implicitly murdered so that the "one Nigeria" terminology becomes a stinking heap of refuse and meaningless ideology, especially to Biafran people. Denial and or gross violation of our fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech, association, and assembly are rife. Biafra people no longer pray or worship together without being massacred either by Buhari's boko haram or Islamic Nigeria bokoharam infested armed forces. The 14 brigade and 144 battalion Islamic Nigeria army recently invaded worship prayer ground of indigenous people of Biafra and without provocation fired live bullets on the praying innocent citizens, leaving 25 dead bodies and over 65 others wounded. Many IPOB leaders were kidnapped and taken to unknown destination.
The suspicion of racial segregation and certain diplomatic discrimination makes it extremely easy for us as indigenous people of Biafra to express practical worry over the silence of United nations and the international human rights groups .Our doubt is on the sincerity of the highly revered United nations, and rightful application of the exalted laws and rights of indigenous people and self determination.
NO prisoner likes his chains even if it’s garnished with gold. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as leader of indigenous people of Biafra, teaching these laws, expounding these rights and preaching freedom of our people to the entire universe should not be chained, secretly tried or imprisoned even before commencement of his trial. Is BUHARI and justice john Tsoho denouncing the united nation laws, rights and privileges of indigenous people by accepting bribe to jail Nnamdi Kanu ? We are killed for demanding our right to be free, make mistakes and profit from our experiences. Buhari is enforcing rule by tyranny on Indigenous people of Biafra supported by Britain. This also imperialism and neo-colonialism redefined. This we hold to an antithesis of freedom for which our ancestors and our younger generation has shed their blood. We strongly denounce it as a crime against humanity.
In this direction, the international criminal court ( ICC ) said to be for investigation and trial of persons accused of committing serious crimes against humanity and the united nations general assembly that enacted and give to themselves this laws and rights of indigenous people and self determination should urgently beam their searchlight on BUHARI and his bokoharam infested military forces. His crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide, crimes of aggression and other heinous crimes presently perpetrated against Biafra in Nigeria the calculated genocide of 1967-1970 against our ancestors is repeating itself. A crime that has Gowon,Obasanjo,Danjuma,Buhari etc as actors should be a good case in the Hague.
The UN adopted the punishment of crimes of ethnic extermination and it has become necessary that they also investigate incessant massacre of Biafrans by Buhari military. We are witnessing these crimes and yet tribunal has never been set up to check this lawlessness. The leadership of IPOB has submitted sufficient and verifiable evidence to the ICC prosecutor on the Biafra situation and Nigeria as a party state. These are reasonable basis to proceed with investigation and prosecution of Buhari, his killer army and other principal actors. We have paid for our freedom with the blood of our innocent unarmed parents, youths, pregnant and nursing mothers, coupled with the marathon incarceration of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and host of others in various torture chambers in Nigeria. It is time the world should break their suspicious silence on the Biafra situation.

By Blessed Orji
For Family Writers

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