Reacting to the ongoing case of Nnamdi Kanu, Ifeanyi Efobi Anthony, a Biafran born- Dr in law and a professor at Greenwich University London, has taken a swipe at the
ongoing case of treasonable felony charged on Nnamdi Kanu. He had previously condemned the arrest and incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu and wondered was it not same thing Scotland did in England that Kanu’s Biafra is doing in Nigeria. He further noted that Nigeria practices same law and uses almost same constitution with Britain and so he argued that Nigerian court lacks power to entertain Nnamdi Kanu’s case.
Speaking to Ifeanyi Chijioke of family writers and journalists, he noted with strings of displeasure at what he termed “incompetence” of the Nigerian judiciary as a result of executive interference particularly on Nnamdi Kanu’s case, His words.  “Nigerian constitution did not grant Nigerian court power to entertain Nnamdi Kanu’s case because is something that happened outside Nigeria, radio Biafra is a registered firm in London and IPOB under radio Biafra have their office here in London, if anything is considered illegal about radio Biafra or IPOB, British court should be the ones to handle it and sort it out, there is more than diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and Britain. Nigerian court and Nigerian constitution granted power to the Nigerian court solely on matter of things that happened in Nigeria and not things that happened outside Nigeria.
So, if the cardinal points and grounds of Nnamdi Kanu’s trial are the things he do outside Nigeria or things he said outside Nigeria or things he fund outside Nigeria, Nigerian constitution did not grant Nigerian court power to entertain that case. It is on record that no time did Nnamdi Kanu came to Nigeria and beat, or fund, or said or compelled anyone to do for him. Even the shipment of transmitter was a commercial business, not contraband or illegal; I have never seen where radio equipment is crime. Now there is a substantive suit to make it accelerated trial, they want to speed it up to avoid sufficient review of the case which will open arguments that will disclose their boundaries and irregularities.
In as much as the prosecution might argue that IPOB have followers in Nigeria and the cause of Kanu’s IPOB is fundamentally affecting Nigeria. But does that concern Kanu? People can choose to be following him, take for instance, people can choose to be following Donald trump or others who are passionate about Christians and sharing their anti- Muslim sentiments, that does not mean that the action of followers will be put into the questioning of character that will lead to imprisonment or denial of freedom of Donald that lives is USA in Nigeria, if anything questioning, it must be done by USA and not Nigeria questioning Donald because Nigerians follow him. Nnamdi Kanu should be tried by Britain if Nigeria has a case against him, then Radio Biafra will be censored or IPOB stopped.
Section 6 of Nigerian constitution addressed types of things Nigerian courts have power to entertain or decide or to delegate; it must be something that happened in Nigeria. In the other issue, Kanu have right as granted by Nigerian constitution to have two passports contrary to Buhari’s claim, also that Kanu came into Nigeria without passport is really absurd and laughable, those claims are not adding up and do not follow. Buhari appeared to be a novice to Nigeian constitution and he is a lay man to it, he does not know law nor the constitution of Nigeria, he just took oath of office to uphold what he do not know. He does not care to know, even the little he knows, he does not obey”
He finally advised the defense council to explore means to get so many decided cases and quash the unhealthy judgment given in response to bail application in appeal court. And further noted that if the bail denial is allowed to stand, then Nigerian government will stop at nothing but illegally further compel the judiciary to hurt Kanu.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
(For Family Writers)

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