Diabetic? Here 3 easy, natural & very healthy breakfast ideas

If you have diabetes, what I’m about to share with  you in this post could prevent you from having a premature heart attack, save your eyesight, kidneys, legs, and nerves—even save your life.
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Try these blood-sugar friendly breakfast options that will keep you healthy, and still get you out the door on time. 
For many people, breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day. But if you have type 2 diabetes, breakfast is a must, and it can have real benefits. 

Eating foods at breakfast that have a low glycemic index may help prevent a spike in blood sugar all morning long — and even after lunch. 
And a good breakfast helps kick-start your morning metabolism and keeps your energy up throughout the day.
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Pressed for time? You don't have to create an elaborate spread. Here are 3 diabetes-friendly breakfast ideas to help you stay healthy and still get out the door on time.

1. WHOLE-GRAIN CEREAL: Hot or cold, the right cereal makes a great breakfast. Enjoy a bowl of high-fiber, low-sugar cereal with skim milk, or heat up plain oatmeal. Be sure to measure out one serving size to keep portions in check, and watch what you add to it. Limit the butter and sugar — instead, top with fresh fruit, skim milk, or a sugar substitute to sweeten your meal.
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2. Scrambled Eggs and Toast
The old standby breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast can be a healthy way to start the day if you cook them right. Scramble the egg in a nonstick pan with cooking spray. Enjoy this with a slice of whole-wheat toast topped with a light butter substitute, low-fat cream cheese, or sugar-free jam.
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3. Almonds and Fruit
For a breakfast you can eat on the run, grab a healthy handful of whole, raw almonds and a small serving of low glycemic-index fruit, such as berries, a peach, an apple, or an orange. The fiber and healthy monounsaturated fats in the nuts will help you feel full, and the fruit adds additional fiber and a touch of sweetness to your morning without causing a blood-sugar spike.

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