Militants group ridicules Nigerian govt on children’s day

Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, Friday, scoffed at the Nigerian Government for allegedly failing to take care of children of Niger Delta, promising to provide the people opportunities that government failed to offer them. Its spokesperson, Col Mudoch Agbinibo in a statement said;
Childhood is an enchanting vista, an endless fun a joyful classroom an experience era of imagination and hope. The children of the Niger delta region is missing by deliberate policies of every successive Nigeria Government. If you plant honesty you will reap trust, if you plant goodness you will reap friendship, if you plant humility you will reap greatness. Childhood means unlimited opportunities for children. This is what the Nigeria government has refuse to give you the children of the Niger Delta. But what they have refused to give to you is what we (Niger delta avengers) are promising you.

Happy Children’s day

Col. Mudoch Agbinibo

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