Muslims, who are demanding Sharia law Should leave Australia because fanatic Muslims are terrorists.

The former Australian PM Julia Gillard  is quoted as saying;  Muslims, who are
demanding Sharia law have been asked to leave Australia by Wednesday because
Australia sees fanatic Muslims as terrorists. Each and every mosque will be
searched and
Muslims will cooperate with us in this process.

All the Muslims who have migrated from other countries to Australia will have to adept and change themselves as per our country and not expect us to change as permthem. If they are unable to do so, they are most welcome to leave Australia. A lot of Australian are worried that we may beninsulting a particular religion.... but I assure the people of Australia that whatever is being done is for the betterment of Australia and its people.

We speak English here and not Arabic or Urdu or any other Islamic language. So if
you want to stay in our country you better learn to speak English. In Australia we believe in Jesus who is our God and we believe in God. Just because we believe in and follow Christianity and no other religion, does not make us Communal which is why you will find
God's Pictures and religious books everywhere.

If you have any objection to this, you are free to leave Australia and go anywhere else in the
world. Australia is our land, our country and this is our culture. We do not follow your religion but we respect your sentiments which is why if you want to read Koran and offer
namaaz, please do not create noise pollution by using speakers and reading out loudly.

Please DO NOT Read Koran or offer prayers in our schools, offices or public places. You can
do so in the quiet of your home or in a mosque which will not inconvenience us. If
you have any issues with our national flag or national anthem or our religion or our
lifestyle, kindly leave Australia at this very moment and never ever return back"

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