By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers

Nobody prays for war, but as long as people like Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari remains in power, war shall forever remain inevitable on the surface of the earth because a violent fire can only be quenched with violent water.
It was a deafening cacophony from different sets of ammunitions controlled by the genocidal
Nigerian security agencies. A mere look at the over 30 hilux vans and heavily armed military trucks parked within and around Nkpor Onitsha, Anambra state, would convince you that World War III has just been ignited. The dreadful looking military men imported into the state to create havoc and disrupt the supposed peaceful Biafra Heroes Day celebration slated to hold at Nkpor, readily positioned themselves, with their fingers clutched tightly to the trigger of their heavily loaded AK47 riffles.

As hundreds of Biafrans started gathering at Nkpor junction, the assassins in army and police uniforms pulled their triggers and the music of death started playing. The tear-gas which had already enveloped the entire vicinity couldn't even allow numerous Biafran activists to make their way out of the hunting ground as some even collapsed while the others who have already been blinded by the tear-gas mistakenly made their way to security men who were seriously engaged in the sporadic shootings and were gunned down immediately.

Tears filled my eyes as a young man who was hastily making his to where I and other lucky Biafrans hid for safety, got caught up with the sporadic shootings. The bullet penetrated through his waist as rivers of blood gushed out from his body. We rushed and picked him out from the hot scene already engulfed with pandemonium, but we couldn't save him as he died before we got to the hospital.
 "We can't continue like this any longer. To hell with peaceful agitation!" Emeka, one of my fellow comrades present with me at the scene shouted in anger. Before he could finish his outburst, another vibrant activist Victor, supported him and said- "If IPOB cannot arm us, why can't they allow us to at least arm ourselves in self defence against these blood sucking demons"

Even the international communities whom we are trying to please by being peaceful have turned a blind eyes and deaf ears to our plight." 
They asked me if I have any knowledge any ammunition anywhere so that they can go out and teach the security forces a lesson of their life, but I couldn't give them any answer because I didn't have any. I was dumbfounded with rage, I knew they were right, we have endured a lot more than Job was tempted in the Bible, we have always tampered vengeance with peace yet we got paid back with violence. There is nothing that can be more provocative than the fact that they killed our heroes and also kill us for remembering and honouring them. Nobody who saw the rivers of blood from the bodies of dozens of Biafrans massacred in Onitsha would advise any Biafran to continue any form of peaceful agitation.

  The IPOB leadership worldwide must sit and think over the extent of total annihilation going on in Nigeria against Biafrans as a result of our peaceful agitation. Comparing the treatment Biafrans are receiving in this contraption called Nigeria with the way everybody in Nigeria is calling for negotiation with Niger Delta Avengers, even as the Presidency is desperately begging and trying to bribe them to stop their attacks on oil pipelines, it is now certain to all and sundry that Nigeria is alien to peace and the only language it respects is violence. We have to choose between defending ourselves with any means possible or risk being exterminated from the surface of the earth. It is time we buried this peace and confront this music of death and violence Nigeria has been playing out to us starting from the days of our fathers because nobody has the monopoly of violence.
  If with this peace, we all die in search of Biafra, who will inhabit the holy land when we find it?

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