Reno Omokri, the ex-media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan Carpets Junaid Mohammed, advice him to jump into the lagoon

Reno Omokri, the ex-media aide to Former President Goodluck Jonathan on electronic media has taken a swipe at second republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed  who had, in a recent interview, said that should anything happen to President Muhammadu Buhari, the north will insist on being in power till 2027.
Omokri who reacted to the statement said everybody in Nigeria is equal before the law and if the ex-lawmaker does not like it that way, he should hearken to the once advice of a Lagos Oba by jumping into the lagoon.

Mr. Mohammed had, in the chat, quoted to have said, “If anything happens to Buhari the north will insist on being in power till 2027…..those who see Buhari as their representative and are not being treated justly are going to claim their own rights and the only way you are going to resolve the issue is that after Buhari’s administration, you have it zoned to the north for eight to 10 years,” said Junaid Mohammed. 

But in his reaction, Pastor Omokri said, “Recently, Nigerian woke up to a rude and not so subtle threat issued by one cantankerous fellow, Junaid Mohammed, who has an over bloated opinion of himself and the weight his words carry in Nigeria.

Without deigning to repeat his repugnant and provocative threats, let me respond to Junaid Mohammed and any other person that thinks along those lines. 

“First, I and those I represent pray for President Muhammadu Buhari’s  recovery, but if what Junaidu Mohammed is contemplating should occur (and it is highly disappointing that Junaid should be contemplating such instead of praying for the president), then it is the Nigerian constitution that will dictate what will happen next and not Junaid, or Northern Nigeria or any other part of Nigeria for that matter. 

“For the avoidance of doubt, there is no first class or second class citizen in Nigeria. No part or citizen of Nigeria needs permission from another part or citizen of Nigeria before they can lay claim to what has been freely given to them by the Nigerian Constitution which is the Grundnorm and basis for the existence of Nigeria. 

“We are all equal. And if Junaidu Mohammed and those he speaks for do not like it, they should take the Oba of Lagos’s advise and jump into the lagoon. 

Nothing, I repeat nothing, must happen to Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo. His fate is in the hand of God and not in the hand of proud and presumptuous mortals like Junaid and those he speaks for! 

“My advise to Junaid Mohammed is that he confine his busybody to praying for the President rather than pontificate about a post Buhari Nigeria when the President is very much alive.”

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