Stop using Nnamdi Kanu's name to fabricate stories or face the consequences, IPOB

Awka—THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, warned, yesterday, against what it described as the fabrication of letters and stories purporting same to have been written by its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, by some unnamed individuals.
Though the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Mr Emma Powerful, was not specific about such letters and stories, he said Kanu, who was granted bail last week after being detained for nearly two years, had not given anybody any authority to issue any statement on his behalf. According to him, those involved were trying to blaspheme Kanu by writing press statements in his name without consultation. He said: “We warn those behind this calculated campaign of calumny, especially the APC propaganda machinery and their affiliates, to stop this despicable immoral act or face the wrath of IPOB.

“Those behind this latest show of shame should be fully aware that our leader is unable to speak up against these fabrications as he was barred from speaking to the media by Justice Binta Nyako, who imposed unconstitutionally draconian gagging order as part of his bail condition. “These people are fully aware that our leader cannot grant press interview for now and it is appalling and immoral for them to be writing press statements in the name of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, without proper consultation. 

“Furthermore, the leader of IPOB has said it a long time ago that his only focus is to restore Biafra and nothing else, and anybody trying to bring restructuring of Nigeria into the struggle for the liberation of Biafra is doing so at  his or her own detriment.” 

“Therefore, any person or group of persons who thinks that our leader can even dream of agreeing to restructuring or tampering with the ethos of the struggle is an enemy of the struggle.” He stated that the struggle for Biafra independence was a divine project, which no man could stop, insisting that the suffering of the people of Biafra in Nigeria had reached the point of no return.

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