Northern fundamentalists behind Igbo quit notice

AN Igbo leader of thought in Ebonyi State, Chief Abia Onyike has described the ultimatum given by Arewa youths as a reflection of their hatred and ignominy against Igbo in the Northern part of the country.

 According to him,
“The ultimatum is full of innuendos and insults. It shows the level of hatred and ignominy held by the so-called Northern youths against the Igbo. 

The statement shows that the Northern youths are full of ignorance. In the first place, they don’t even know that the Igbo ethnic nationality is a mega nationality qualified to stand as a separate country.

The Youths were trying to talk down on the Igbo as if the Igbo are captive salves of the Hausa-Fulani. How can you demonize a group of over 60 million people who are on a peaceful action to register their aspiration for self determination?

 If they say all Igbo should leave the North while the Northerners leave the East, on whose authority are they giving ultimatum. “Will Northern security agents in the East go back to the North and vice versa? 

The Northern fundamentalists behind this evil machination should get ready to face the international criminal Court in the event of any act of pogrom and genocide targeted against the Igbo. 

The role played by every individual in his private and official capacity must be documented. Nobody will be exonerated from genocide in the 21st century”.

 Also, Ohaneze Ndigbo stated that the decision of the Arewa youths was not different from the policies and programmes of the APC-led government against the Igbos that have suffered marginalization and lopsided distribution of appointments since it came on board In a chat with Vanguard, the apex Igbo body’s Publicity Secretary, Barr. Uche Achi-Okpaga called on Igbos in the North to relocate to their states as soon as their lives are being threatened. 

“In Ohaneze we are not surprised about the ultimatum because “Action repeated long enough become automatic”. The people of the North have copied the deliberate and conspicuous body language of the government.

 The President didn’t mince words on inception of power when he told the world that he does not place much premium on the people that gave him five percent vote. 

“What has this government not done to the south east since then. Appointment wise, apart from the statutory (at least) one ministerial slot per state, what else has the south east. Even the little position they occupy, they are tactfully removed and replaced. 

Chief Elias Mbam was reappointed the chairman of national revenue mobilization, allocation and fiscal commission since august last year by the president but his name was never sent to the senate for confirmation. 

“The PENCOM’s head was removed and quickly replaced by a Southern Western and ally of the Ag. President. You can see that be it under Buhari or Osinbajo, the APC government’s body language remains the same. 

This is a federal government that is said to be encouraging agriculture but the farmlands have been pulverized. Women raped and innocent Nigerians killed in hundreds by criminals masquerading as herdsmen and there is no solution. 

“The Northern Governors had stated that the criminals are not Nigerians. The question is, does it mean that the government is allowing foreigners to come in and kill Nigerians? 

So the body language has inflicted the Northerners so that they are not thinking that anything is right to say or do. At any rate, two wrongs don’t make a right. We encourage our sons and daughters to accept every Nigerian and even a foreigner living legally and lawfully in the south east. 

“We also advice our people living in the North to relocate if your life has been so crystally threatened. It has no spare either. This present government is voraciously infested by ethnic chauvinism so that the country has become more divided than united.

 I sincerely pity south eastern politicians who are cross carpeting to the APC except you have a financial skeleton in your cupboard and looking for shield from the EFCC and infer agencies in which case you one would bear with us.

 “With the prevailing political situation, we strongly advise south east parents not to allow their children to go to the North for their NYSC programme and charge the NYSC to redeploy those already serving in the North. 

Ola Rotimi wrote in The gods are not to blame “when a crocodiles eat their own eggs what will they not do to the flesh of a frog” when miscreants masquerade as B

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